Cassie Werber

Writer & journalist

A guilty man?

Published in The Ukrainian Week, March 2010 Cassie Werber, Den Haag, The Netherlands There’s a London bus outside the cinema which reminds me (along with the rain) of home. Inside it’s shabby but comfortable. I sip free coffee, and watch a man being beheaded. This is Upload Cinema, a Dutch group which finds internet shorts […]

Medicine and the meat market

Published in the Holland Times, May 2010 Cassie Werber, Amsterdam, April 2010 Antibiotic resistance in humans is being increasingly linked to the use of the drugs in livestock production. While experts, campaigners, producers and government are beginning to agree that this is a serious problem, there is still little consensus about how to address it. […]

Emma Rice: Interview

Emma Rice interviewed for Total Theatre Magazine, Autumn 2007…

The crying game

Teatre piesn kozla, interviewed in Wroclaw, Poland…

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    As I lay in bed this morning, a man who had lost his dog called up and down the road outside. He passed, he called, he returned. At first I tried to block it out, annoyed. Then I tuned in. The dog’s name was Monster. “Monster!” called the man, anxiously, always on the same falling note. “Mooooon-Steeeer.” Then it occurred to me that maybe he had lost a monster. Read more