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Prospero’s island

Published in Total Theatre Magazine, Winter 2009 Odin Theatre is a long walk from the station. It’s a really long walk. Holstebro train station is a draughty Viking palace, and the commercial centre reminiscent of many small towns in Denmark, pedestrianised streets lined with recognisable stores, and punctuated by curious – sometimes striking – public […]

Emma Rice: Interview

Emma Rice interviewed for Total Theatre Magazine, Autumn 2007…

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    As I lay in bed this morning, a man who had lost his dog called up and down the road outside. He passed, he called, he returned. At first I tried to block it out, annoyed. Then I tuned in. The dog’s name was Monster. “Monster!” called the man, anxiously, always on the same falling note. “Mooooon-Steeeer.” Then it occurred to me that maybe he had lost a monster. Read more